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Salute the skilled technicians of America's Air Force with these boldly enameled coins.

Career Fields

Carry or display your pride as one of the top specialsits in the U.S. Air Force with these impressively detailed coins.

Base and Installations

Browse our selection of highly detailed coins of Air Force Bases, the perfect gift for any airman or crew. Collect them all!


Find great gifts for veterans, active-duty, and retired Air Force personnel.


Browse our selection of distinctive "crest-shaped" coins dedicated to America's Air Force Commands.

Numbered Air Force

Browse our coins of the Numbered Air Force (NAF) -- a type of organization in the United States Air Force that is subordinate to a Major Command (MAJCOM).

Civil Air Patrol

Celebrate the history and honor the enduring mission of America's Civil Air Patrol with these classic commemorative coins.

Reserve & National Guard

Honor the service of America's citizen airmen with our Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Coins.


Featuring die-struck handles and stainless steel blades, these one-of-a-kind knives are a fitting tribute to America's Air Force personnel.


Show your pride and honor your time in the Air Force or Civil Air Patrol with a genuine challenge coin coaster that's sure to impress. Available individually or in sets of two or four,the're the perfect gift.

Lapel Pins, Tie Tacks & Cuff Links

Wear your pride for America's Air Forcce with these durable and detailed lapel pins and specialized cufflink and tie tack sets. Great as gifts or to accent your own wardrobe.

Wars, Battles, and Operations

Browse our selection of distinctive coins dedicated to Operations throughout the world in which America's Air Force participated.

Silver Dollars

A longstanding military tradition holds that a newly commissioned officer gives a silver dollar to the first enlisted member to render a salute. Here is where you can get that dollar.


Display with pride these coins that honor the great aircraft, past and present, of the United States Air Force.

Veteran and Retired

Salute the courage, commitment, and devoted service of America's airmen with our diverse collection of veteran and retired Air Force coins.


Celebrate the Thunderbirds' outstanding record of achievement over more than five decades of service with our selection of dedicated coins.

Golf Coins Plus

It's no secret that flyboys love their golf, and now they can enjoy the game even more! These specially designed USAF golf coins, minted in solid nickel alloy, make the ultimate purchase or gift for every golfer. Whether you need to make your regular foursome envious or impress your CO, a set of these hand-finished metal golf coins will make you an ace!

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