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Check out our selection of brightly colored coins honoring the Coast Guard's elite specialists, from Aviation Rescue Swimmers to Master Divers and more.


Browse our collection of flawlessly-detailed coins honoring Coast Guard ranks from Seaman Recruit to Senior Chief.


Find engravable coins saluting Coast Guard rates from Aviation Specialist to Port Securityman.

Ships, Boats & Aircraft

Find inspiring and thoroughly detailed tributes to the Coast Guard's Buoy Tenders, Jayhawk helicopters, and more.


Find distinctive designs commemorating the ships, personnel, and mission of the Coast Guard as America's Shield of Freedom.


Discover detailed, die-struck knives in a full range of sizes and metals, all dedicated to the Coast Guard's proud heritage.

Installations and Schools

Find detailed tributes to the Coast Guard's military Air Stations, Sectors, Training Centers, Defense Zones, Commands and Schools.

Veteran and Retired

Salute the courage, commitment, and devoted service of America's Coasties with our diverse collection of veteran and retired Coast Guard coins.

Wars, Battles, and Operations

Browse our selection of distinctive coins dedicated to Operations throughout the world in which America's Coast Guard participated.

Golf Coins Plus

Vastly improve your next engagement by playing a different golf game! These specially designed USCG golf coins, minted in solid bronze, make the ultimate purchase or gift for any golfing Coastie. Whether you need to make your regular foursome envious or impress your CO, a set of these hand-finished metal golf coins will set you up for a win!

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