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Exclusive Northwest Territorial Mint coins that every true Elvis® fan will want to add to their collection. Minted with pride in the United States, because the King of Rock & Roll™ deserves nothing less.

Each replica 45 RPM "record" features one of the King's #1 hits and iconic images of Elvis.

Whether buying them as a gift or for yourself, these collectible versions of Elvis Presley's #1 hits will serve as a tangible reminder of why you, and millions more, are stuck – on the King.

Jailhouse Rock™

In the film, Presley plays a man convicted for accidentally killing a drunken brawler in a bar fight. His down-and-out former country singer cellmate cheats him, and his own temper is his worst enemy, but he triumphs in the end by achieving a singing career and the love of a good woman. The single was written by the prolific and successful songwriting team of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, who wrote a dozen of Presley’s hits. “Jailhouse Rock” topped the charts for seven weeks in 1957.

Stuck On You

Elvis was determined to avoid special treatment during his military service, notably submitting to a military haircut (after which he joked, “Hair today, gone tomorrow”). Serving with the Third Armored “Spearhead” Division in Friedberg, Germany, Elvis ultimately achieved the rank of Sergeant E-5 and was officially discharged from active duty on March 5, 1960. Almost immediately, he went back into the recording studio for “Stuck On You,” which took a handful of weeks to reach #1, the thirteenth of Elvis’s records to achieve the top of the charts.

Heartbreak Hotel™

With his recording contract newly obtained by RCA Records from Sam Phillips’ legendary Sun Records, Elvis recorded a song written by Mae Boren Axton and Tommy Durden, “Heartbreak Hotel.” The inspiration for Durden’s haunting lyrics was a story about a suicide whose note read only, “I walk a lonely street.” Axton put a hotel at the end of that street, and Elvis crooned and shook the song into success, topping the charts in mere months.