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Find coins honoring the skill and service of Seabee Chiefs, Chief Petty Officers, and much more when you browse our collection of Navy Rank Coins.


Check out our collection of enameled Navy Rate Coins, honroing virtually every specialty from Air Traffic Controller to Yeoman.


Find unique coins commemorating the service and sacrifice of all Navy heroes, from active-duty Sailors to veterans and retired personnel.


Salute the legendary Navy SEALs or celebrate the "Can Do" spirit of the Seabees with our colorful collection of Navy Branch & Command Coins.

Bases and Installations

Browse our growing collection of "deep-relief" coins honoring U.S. Navy bases throughout the world, from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii to Rota, Spain.

Ships & Subs

Explore our collection of coins dedicated to the U.S. Navy's unforgettable ships and submarines.


Discover detailed, die-struck knives dedicated to the U.S. Navy's proud heritage. Available in a variety of metals, sizes, and styles, these knives are durable enough for everyday use and make a great addition to any collection.


Complete your own galley with these distinctive coasters, made of solid brass and featuing a genuine Navy challenge coin.

Lapel Pins, Tie Tacks & Cuff Links

Honor the service of any active-duty, former, or retired Navy personnel with these highly detailed lapel pins and specialized cufflink and tie tack sets. Perfect as gifts or to accent your own wardrobe.

Silver Dollars

A longstanding military tradition holds that a newly commissioned officer gives a silver dollar to the first enlisted member to render a salute. Here is where you can get that dollar.

Veteran and Retired

Salute the courage, commitment, and devoted service of America's sailors with our diverse collection of veteran and retired Navy coins.

Wars, Battles, and Operations

Browse our selection of distinctive coins dedicated to Operations throughout the world in which America's Navy participated.

Golf Coins Plus

Improve your golf game as you sail down the fairway! Maybe they won't help your swing but these specially designed USN golf coins, minted in solid nickel alloy, are sure to make every sailor's game more enjoyable. Impress your friends or a CO with a set of these hand-finished metal golf coins and whether you end up in the sand or the drink, you'll still be on top!

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