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Traditional vs Challenge Coin Size

Northwest Territorial Mint offers Recovery Medallions in two sizes; traditional 1 3/8 inch and the 1.5 inch Challenge Coin size. Whether you want a smaller, more traditional size, or the substantial reminder of the Challenge Coin, we have what you need to honor the continuing success of sobriety.

Why Choose the Challenge Coin Size?

When you choose a 1.5-inch Challenge Coin size for your AA Recovery Medallion, you are getting a larger, more tangible reminder of recovery and dedication to sobriety. There’s more space for engraving special messages and the slight, additional heft in the pocket will become a constant, reassuring presence of daily success. Our Challenge Coin sizes harken back to a tradition of natural born fighters and heroes, men and women who understood that the only fight that matters is the one in front of you today.

Where does 'Challenge Coin' Come From?

Challenge coins began as a military practice to honor brotherhood and comradery within units, a solid reminder of commitment and dedication. What was once strictly a tradition in the military is now gaining approval with elite organizations around the world. Challenge coins, a full eighth of an inch larger than traditional AA coins, are an increasingly popular way to show your dedication and affiliation with a group and idea.

Northwest Territorial Mint Challenge Coin sizes are the perfect upgrade for honoring and celebrating any alcoholic’s sobriety for years to come.