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AA 3 Men - Antique Bronze [Traditional Size]

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AA 3 Men - Antique Bronze

You can’t achieve your sobriety alone. Only by sharing your experience and strength with another alcoholic can you both receive the hope of recovery. This pocket medallion will remind you of that truth and in those dark moments when you want to drink, it will spur you on to call your sponsor. By sharing your experiences, helping fellow alcoholics share theirs, and attending meetings regularly, you will continue to maintain your abstinence and avoid binging.

Sometimes you just need to know that another alcoholic has made it. That was the case with Bill D., also known as the “Man on the Bed,” when he became the third member of AA in 1935. Bill was in the detox unit of Akron City Hospital once again when he met Bill W. and Dr. Bob. After several meetings, he decided that if they could do it, maybe he could do it, and just maybe they could do together what they couldn't do separately. This has continued to be a guiding principle for AA and this coin is a lasting reminder of the strength you will find with your fellow alcoholics to overcome this disease.

Minted in solid bronze, and finished with an antique patina, the AA Three Men coin is the perfect way to commemorate your current sobriety, and the support you give and receive with your fellow alcoholics, in a physical, easy-to-carry way. The obverse features a masterful rendition of the classic painting “The Man on the Bed” representing the heart and essence of AA. The reverse features a telling line from AA’s Big Book which reads as follows:
"Each day, somewhere in the world, recovery begins when one alcoholic talks with another alcoholic, sharing experience, strength, and hope.”

Whether you are 24 hours sober or using this coin as a daily reminder of your commitment, know that you can do it with the help of a higher power and the courage to change.

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