Signature Silver Bullets™

Solid-silver bullets are nearly identical to real cartridges, manufactured in .999-fine silver, and primed to target the appeal of those that love value in their novelties.


On the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War, we honor our veterans with coins and insignia that commemorate their service.


The heart of the brave men and women of the US Army has been captured in metal.


These are a fine tribute to anyone who has served our country by serving with the Navy.

Air Force

Show your pride of being one of the fine men and women of the USAF.

Marine Corps

These coins make tribute to those that make their life the Marine Corps. Semper Fi!

Coast Guard

Those who guard our ports and water are honored with these finely crafted, gift worthy products.

Other Military

These coins honor the joint efforts of our military men and women, not limiting it to a single branch.


Carry a reminder of your religious beliefs in your pocket.


Help mark the achievement of rank advancement of current and former Scouts with these medallions.

Fire Department

The brave spirit of those who put their life on the line to protect ours are honored with this line of medallions.


Supporting the NRA, who has been defending our Second Amendment rights for over 100 years.


Honoring the people, places and events that have helped shape our world today.


These products are designed to carry your message to friends or family permanently.

Lapel Pins

Display your pride for everyone to see with these smaller versions of our coins.

National Park

Browse the official National Park and Mounument Medallions as sold at our National Parks.

Government Agencies

A showcase of recognition of some of the important branches of our government.