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Say It In Silver

When you want your message to last a lifetime - say it in silver.

Signature Silver Bullets™

Solid-silver bullets are nearly identical to real cartridges, manufactured in .999-fine silver, and primed to target the appeal of those that love value in their novelties.

Signature Copper Bullets™

If you loved our Signature Silver Bullets™ then you will go crazy for our Signature Copper Bullets™, as they are the same craftsmanship at a very affordable price.

Pearl Harbor

Seventy-five years later, we still remember and honor all those who would be forever changed and all who rose up to fight back.


On the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War, we honor our veterans with coins and insignia that commemorate their service.


The heart of the brave men and women of the US Army has been captured in metal.


These are a fine tribute to anyone who has served our country by serving with the Navy.

Air Force

Show your pride of being one of the fine men and women of the USAF.

Marine Corps

These coins make tribute to those that make their life the Marine Corps. Semper Fi!

Coast Guard

Those who guard our ports and water are honored with these finely crafted, gift worthy products.

Service Medal Coins

Commemorating the highest awards given in the military.

Line Crossing

Shout out your status as a member of the Ancient Order of the Deep and more with our American Minted Line Crossing medals, cap pins and challenge coins!

Other Military

These coins honor the joint efforts of our military men and women, not limiting it to a single branch.


Carry a reminder of your religious beliefs in your pocket.

Recovery Coins

Coins celebrating years of sobriety.


Help mark the achievement of rank advancement of current and former Scouts with these medallions.

Law Enforcement

For those who protect and serve we offer these medallions to show pride for the vital work you do.

Fire Department

The brave spirit of those who put their life on the line to protect ours are honored with this line of medallions.

Medical Services

Celebrate the medical professionals that help keep the world happy and healthy.


Impress friends, frustrate enemies, and amuse those who get it with this collection of coins.


Fine stainless steel blades and handles minted with care in the USA combine to make these knives gifts to be treasured forever.


Supporting the NRA, who has been defending our Second Amendment rights for over 100 years.


The Spirit of Flight is given wings with these coins.


Our range of Mountaineering coins and medallions, including our USGS Benchmark replicas.


Small treasures to mark and celebrate the important milestones in life.

For The Kids

Products for the young numismatist in the family.


Honoring the people, places and events that have helped shape our world today.


A unique collection of coins depicting the wonderful wildlife of the country.


Display and protect your coins with one of our fine accessories.

Specialty Coins

Unique and off-beat coins that simply don't fit anywhere else.

Lapel Pins

Display your pride for everyone to see with these smaller versions of our coins.

Tie Tacks & Cuff Links

Highly detailed lapel pins and specialized cufflink and tie tack sets. Perfect as gifts or to accent your own wardrobe.


Unique is how to describe these bookmarks showcasing smaller versions of our coins.

Jewelry Charms

Charms for bracelets, necklaces, and even your cellphone.

Military Service Collection

Find here the coins of the Military Service Company.

Hiking Stick Medallions

Mark your staff with as many as you can fit.

National Park

Browse the official National Park and Mounument Medallions as sold at our National Parks.

Patron Saints

Coins dedicated to Patron Saints can remind us of the protection they afford.


This once in a lifetime event deserves a permanent marker that lasts for a lifetime.

Government Agencies

A showcase of recognition of some of the important branches of our government.

Golf Coins Plus

Regardless of handicap or skill level, these coins can improve every round of golf you play! Based on the game played by golfers for years, now you can play in style with these solid bronze or nickel coins, hand-finished for exceptional quality and detail.

State Seals

Medals, coins, and cufflinks of the states.