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Customize This Design for Your Group or Organization

Northwest Territorial Mint creates custom coins for military, governmental, and private entities, and if you're looking to mint your own coin, many of our designs are available for your use.

Our custom coins are made with dies – one for each side. A die presses a design into a coin blank with tons of pressure. Normally, when you want to make a coin, dies must be cut, and that’s part of the cost of making your coin.

However, if you've seen a coin on the Northwest Territorial Mint online store with a design that would be perfect for your unit, organization, or company, you can use that design at no charge for the die — whether it's the "heads" or "tails" side. And you can choose any of our available dies for one side or both of your custom coin. This can save you hundreds of dollars.

To get the best information about what you can do with our stock designs and what the costs would be for your coin idea, please call us. Or use the form below:

Custom Minting (Toll Free): 800-843-9854

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