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U.S. Flag Tie Tack & Cuff Link Set

Item Number: 60931
Product Type:  Tie Tack & Cuff Link
Size: 3/4 inch (20mm) Flag
Material: Brass
Price: $29.95

jewelry boxU.S. Flag Tie Tack & Cuff Link Set

The American flag has been
witness to every challenge and triumph throughout America's history and serves as a source of hope for millions across the world struggling to break free from the shackles of tyranny. 

Saluted with pride at home and abroad, the flag is a constant reminder --  to all who prosper under its protection -- of America's foundation in liberty and its long legacy of freedom.

This specially minted set, which includes a single polished brass tie tack and a pair of cufflinks designed to match, is a powerful tribute to the American flag and those who have sacrificed to keep it flying. Each piece features an impressively detailed rendering of the Stars and Stripes, imbued with full-color enamel. 

Packaged in a plush-lined leatherette presentation box, this distinctive set is the perfect gift for all American patriots. Designed to be worn with pride as a wardrobe accent, it even looks great on display.