Marine Desert Storm Brass 4 Coaster Set

Officially Licensed Product of the
U.S. Marine Corps
Item Number: 60526
Product Type:  Coaster
Size: 3 7/8 inch (98mm) Round
Material: Brass with Red
Price: $72.50

4 Coaster SetU.S. Marine Corps

The expertly trained and highly disciplined warriors of the U.S.  Marine Corps played a vital role in the stunning success of Operation Desert Storm in 1991.

Masterfully out-maneuvering the enemy at every turn, the Marines demonstrated their unsurpassed technical and tactical skill, leading the assault that quickly overwhelmed Iraq's embattled army. Advancing with amazing speed across difficult and dangerous terrain, they charged into battle with characteristic confidence, quickly containing enemy forces and pushing onward to victory.

This four-coaster set salutes the unmatched courage and skill of America's Marines and commemorates their contribution to the successful completion of Operation Desert Storm. Framed by a crimson silicone top pad, the coin displayed inside each coaster base features an American Bald Eagle, depicted in full flight against the backdrop of a desert landscape. Packaged in an attractive, flip-top box, this set comes complete with a hand-finished walnut base.


™ United States Marine Corps. Officially Licensed Product of the United States Marine Corps ( and 1.800.marines)