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Battle of Midway Bronze Antique Keychain

Officially Licensed Product of the
U.S. Navy
Item Number: 14003
Product Type:  Key Chain
Size: 1 1/2 inch (39mm) Round
Material: Bronze Antique
Price: $9.00
This product is proudly minted in the United States of America

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Battle of Midway

Considered one of the U.S. Navy's finest hours, the decisive American victory at the Battle of Midway in June of 1942 marked a turning point in World War 2.

Operating with superior skill and unfailing resolve, the sailors and airmen of the U.S. Navy not only held off the Japanese attack, but dealt the Imperial Japanese Navy a crushing blow, destroying four of its six remaining carriers and putting it squarely on the defensive for the remainder of the war.


This coin pays tribute to the heroic actions of the U.S. Navy sailors and airmen who fought so courageously at the Battle of Midway, helping to turn the tide of the Pacific War. The obverse features two vintage American warplanes shielding a carrier below. The reverse bears the seal of the U.S. Navy.


Minted in a brass alloy, this key chain is finished in antique bronze. Each coin is accompanied by a detailed header card which captures the spirit of the U.S. Navy.


™ Department of the Navy. Officially Licensed by the Department of the Navy.