Air Force Veteran Bookmark with 10 Inch Ribbon

Officially Licensed Product of the
U.S. Air Force
Item Number: 60568
Product Type:  Bookmark
Size: 12 3/4 inch (325mm) Bookmark
Material: Brass Antique with Enamel
Price: $11.00

coin packagingAir Force Veteran Bookmark

Air Force Veterans embody the commitment to victory that has made the U.S. Air Force the world's most dominant aerospace force for more than 60 years.

Defending America's strategic interests throughout the world, their bold actions and decisive leadership have strengthened the nation's security. Applying their unmatched technical expertise, they have expanded America's global reach and provided the U.S. Military with a distinct advantage over its enemies. Whether flying into hostile territory or providing vital combat support, these brave men and women have played a decisive role in protecting freedom around the world.

This die-struck coin bookmark salutes the courage and skill of Air Force veterans, whose courageous service ensures the success of America's military operations. This item features two distinctive die-struck pieces attached to an Air Force blue ribbon, suitably long enough for a standard paperback book, embossed with "United States Air Force Veteran" in gold lettering. Both pieces are made of brass and brushed with an antique finish.

The 1 ¼ inch coin at one of the ribbon features the traditional Air Force emblem and is accented with bright enamel. The reverse includes a space for engraving. The detailed Hap Arnold wing design at the opposite end calls to mind the Air Force's centuries-old tradition of excellence.

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