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A Guide Book of United States Paper Money

Item Number: 60726
Product Type:  Book
Size: 5 7/8 inch x 9 inch (150mm x 228mm) Book
Material: Various
Price: $19.95

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A Guide Book of United States Paper Money

Compiled by Arthur L. and Ira S. Frieberg

This book presents the evolution of United States currency from the Civil War era to the present day. Paper money collectors will appreciate the comprehensive scope of the Friedbergs' work, and anyone interested in American history or economics will find the text (by numismatic historian Q. David Bowers) to be a fascinating study. This narrative explores the changes and challenges the United States faced as it developed a federal system of currency from the 1860s on.

Whther you're new to the hobby or a longtime collector or dealer, you'll benefit from the market analysis and price charts provided for each currency series. Current market evaluations are compiled from recent sale and auction records, real-world analysis of the paper money field, and the knowledge of recognized hobby leaders.

Hundreds of notes are pictured in crisp detail, face and back, illustrating the ideals valued throughout the nations's history. Immerse yourself in the romance and history of nearly 150 years of American currency.