Coin Set - 7 Buffalo Nickels

Item Number: 99165
Product Type:  Coin
Size: 7/8 inch (21.21mm) Round
Material: Nickel
Price: $5.99

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Buffalo Nickel Set of 7

For budding coin collectors (or numismatists), the "buffalo," or "Indian head" nickel is among the easiest sets to complete.

These coins come from an era when American coins were more beautiful than today, and provide ample opportunity for youngsters to learn about American values.

Indian-head nickels were struck beginning in 1913 and through 1938, and are probably the kind of coins today's grandparents found in their pocket change when they were kids.

Many consider the buffalo nickel to be one of the most attractive U.S. coins. It was designed by James Earle Fraser. Fraser was once assistant to Augustus Saint-Gaudens, designer of the coin considered to be the most beautiful of all time, the 1907-33 $20 gold piece.

The front, or "obverse," features a representation of a Native American. Fraser used three different men as his model. The back, or "reverse," features a bison. Fraser used both images because he considered them truly American. (Though "buffalo" and "bison" are thought to be the same, bison are the animals we know from North America; buffalo are only found in Africa and Asia.)

This starter set includes seven common, random, different-dated Indian-head nickels in a colorful velour pouch. They are graded good or better. These "nickels" are actually only 25% nickel (the remainder is copper).

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