Peace Silver Dollars, Roll of 20

Item Number: B10084
Product Type:  Bullion
Size: 1 1/2 inch (38.1mm) Round
Material: 17.19 oz .900 Silver
(15.4688 oz of Silver)
Price: $479.84

Peace Silver Dollars, Roll of 20

Minted from 1921-1935, the Peace Silver Dollar was commissioned to commemorate the end of World War I and instantly became one of the most popular coins in American history.

Containing 90% silver, Peace dollars are considered by many to be the last "true" American silver dollars minted for circulation. In fact, subsequent dollars minted for circulation contain no silver at all.

Designed by an Italian immigrant named Anthony DeFrancisci, the obverse of the Peace Silver Dollar features a rendering of Lady Liberty wearing a radiant crown. Featured on the reverse is an American Bald Eagle with folded wings, shown resting on its perch and clutching an olive branch, the universal symbol of peace.

Designer Anthony de Francisci; weight 26.73 grams; composition .900 silver, .100 copper (net weight .77344 oz. pure silver); diameter 38.1 mm; reeded edge; mints: Philadelphia, New Orleans, Carson City, Denver, San Francisco.

These coins come packaged in a plastic tube of 20. Rolls contain coins minted from 1921-1935 and will grade VG or better. Dates will be of our choice.


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