2004 Silver Proof Set

Item Number: B99512
Product Type:  Proof Set
Size: Varies Round
Material: Various Proof
Price: $31.99

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2004 Silver Proof Set

Enjoy proof sets that are considered to be the finest examples of U.S. coinage available. Proof coins are struck from specially selected and polished planchets (coin blanks). The dies used to strike these coins are specially prepared as well and highly polished. The planchets are hand fed into the striking press and special care is taken during the handling and packaging of the proof coins. Proof coins are struck twice to ensure an increased sharpness in detail. The coins also exhibit a mirror finish because of the polished die and planchet.

50 State QuartersThe 2004 set contains 11 proof condition coins. This set contains the Lincoln cent, the Jefferson nickel, the Roosevelt dime, Kennedy half-dollar, Sacagawea dollar and all five of the Washington quarter-dollars minted for the 50 State Quarters® Program in 2004. The 5 state quarters include Michigan, Florida, Texas, Iowa and Wisconsin, and are minted in .900 pure silver, as are the dime, quarter, and half dollar. All 5 quarters share the same Washington obverse.

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