Peace Symbol Lapel Pin

Item Number: 61036
Product Type:  Lapel Pin
Size: 7/8 inch (22mm) Round
Material: Brass Antique
Price: $8.95

lapel pin packagingPeace Symbol Lapel Pin

In a time where cynicism can reign too freely, the universal peace sign is a powerful reminder for all who hope for a better world.

Originally designed to advocate against nuclear war during the 1960s, the peace sign has come to communicate a timeless message of harmony and tolerance for all people. Just as important for those dreamers who imagine a world without violence, flowers are recognized as symbols of innocence and understanding.

Minted in brass alloy, this pin is the perfect gift for all who prefer the path of peace.

When worn or placed on display, this eye-catching piece is sure to grab attention, serving as a source of pride for the owner for years to come.


Lapel Pin Leatherette

Lapel Pin Leatherette
Price: $5.25


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