1988 U.S. Prestige Proof Set

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Product Type:  Coin
Size: Varies Round
Material: Various Proof
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1988 U.S. Prestige Proof Set


U.S. Prestige Proof Sets consist of some of the rarest and most highly sought after proof sets in the history of the U.S. Mint.

First sold in 1983, Prestige Sets consist of proof version coins of the five U.S. circulating coins, along with commemoratives from the year of issue. 

Proof coins are struck in a special coin press with meticulously polished dies. After the coin is struck it is polished to give a mirror-like finish. They are virtually flawless in appearance, retaining a satiny-smooth character and bright luster where images appear to almost float off the face of the coin.

As they are made specifically for collectors, Prestige Sets are highly valued for their beauty and rarity. Each Prestige Set comes with a certificate of authenticity and is encased in a stunning holder. This beautiful album opens like a book to handsomely display the eye-catching allure of each coin. 

1988 Prestige Proof Set

1 Lincoln Cent

1 Jefferson Nickel

1 Roosevelt Dime

1 Washington Quarter Dollar

1 Kennedy Half Dollar

1 Silver Dollar Seoul Olympics Commemorative

All coins struck at the San Francisco Mint.