2008 Bald Eagle Silver Dollar and Medal Set

Item Number: 76095
Product Type:  Coin Set
Size: Varies Round
Material: Various uncirculated
Price: $31.99

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coin packagingBald Eagle & Medal Set

This special-edition commemorative coin set honors the symbol of America’s strength, freedom, and democracy:  the Bald Eagle. The Bald Eagle’s proud image has adorned the Great Seal of the United States since 1782, representing to the world the American values of courage, spirit, and equality.

The obverse of the silver dollar coin portrays a mature Bald Eagle soaring in flight, with its majestic wings spread while the reverse features the original rendition of the Great Seal of the United States that was in use from 1782 to 1841. The obverse of the bronze medal honors President Theodore Roosevelt and the reverse design depicts a Bald Eagle in flight with a treetop background, and the inscription "BALD EAGLE" at the top right. Join the United States Mint in commemorating the majesty of our national symbol and its remarkable restoration to our Nation’s lands, waterways and skies.

Set includes:

• 1 uncirculated silver dollar Eagle commemorative coin

• 1 commemorative bronze President Theodore Roosevelt medal. 

Whether you’re looking to add to or complete a collection, or simply wish to enjoy a piece of American culture, own this US Mint set today.