2003-21 Illinois State Quarter - D

Item Number: 72311
Product Type:  Coin
Size: 1 inch (24.26mm) Round
Material: Nickel Clad uncirculated
Price: $0.49

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2003 Illinois State Quarter

The 21st state quarter in the US Mint 50 State Quarters Program is the Illinois state quarter. Its 21 stars represent its position as the 21st state. Because Illinois is known as “the Land of Lincoln,” its state quarter depicts Abraham Lincoln, a lawyer and resident of Springfield before becoming one of America’s greatest presidents. Also visible are silhouettes of a farm – Illinois was once known as “the Prairie State” – and the Chicago skyline. The Illinois state quarter is a must for coin collectors, residents of Illinois, fans of Abraham Lincoln, and all Americans who will appreciate the historic significance of this coin.

Packaging Options

Plastic Coin Flip

Select this option and your quarter will come packaged in a plastic coin flip.

plastic coin flip

Plastic Snap Lock Case (Add $1.00)

Select this option and your quarter will come mounted in a plastic snap lock case with the state name and state flag suitable for display when open or protect the coin when closed.

snap lock case
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