1993-1994 Jefferson Coin and Currency Set

Item Number: 72208
Product Type:  Coin
Size: 1 1/2 inch (38.1mm) Round
Material: 0.86 oz .900 Silver uncirculated
(0.77 oz of Silver)
Price: $59.99

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The United States Mint joins in honoring Thomas Jefferson as The Father of America’s Decimal Coinage System by the issuance of this beautiful uncirculated set, a collection of two 1994 coins and one note.  The coins were minted at the United States Mint, Philadelphia.

Presented in a beautiful portfolio and highlighting the set is an uncirculated Thomas Jefferson 250th Anniversary silver dollar coin, dated on the coin, 1993, and issued in 1994.  Included next is an uncirculated 1994 Thomas Jefferson nickel featuring a special Matte finish.  The portfolio is completed with the inclusion of an uncirculated 1976 Thomas Jefferson two dollar note.  The coins and script in this dramatic set share a common heritage in honoring the third United States President, Thomas Jefferson, as The Father of America’s Decimal Coinage System.

The dramatic portfolio containing this outstanding set includes biographical sketches and other interesting and pertinent historical information.  Each coin is mounted in an individual receptacle to best display its beauty.  This significant uncirculated set not only makes a gift to be treasured, but is an enduring reminder of our Nation’s proud history.