Old Kabul Bazaar, Issue 127

Item Number: 48327
Product Type:  Coin
Size: 4 inch x 4 inch (102mm x 102mm) Square
Material: Bronze Antique
Price: $150.00
This product is proudly minted in the United States of America

Old Kabul Bazaar, Issue 127 (Reverse is blank)

More than three decades ago, Afghan sculptor Amanullah Haiderzad helped create Afghanistan’s first undergraduate fine arts program at Kabul University. In 1994 he revisited in sculpture the famous Old Kabul Bazaar, and this impressive solid bronze work of art commemorates that famous spot. Directly on the ancient Silk Road stretching from Byzantium through Kabul and to Xian, China, home of the Terra Cotta Warriors, the Old Kabul Bazaar was a crossroads of trade and commerce in the ancient world.

The Old Kabul Bazaar exists today much the same as it did in the distant past. It is inhabited by grizzled old tribesmen and peasants wrapped in tattered cloaks squatting in the market. Street vendors ply their trades. Metal workers still today pound out farm implements with hammer and anvil or etch intricate designs into blackened pans prior to sale, much the same as in centuries past. Children, animals, old men with their coursing hounds—all are as familiar in the Old Kabul Bazaar today as they were when caravans spanning the mountains and high deserts stopped in Kabul to secure the rare ingredients used in the millennial art of natural vegetable dyeing.

The Old Kabul Bazaar, originally sculpted in 1994, is part of a special limited-edition offering from The Society of Medalists. All medals in the series have been struck by the Medallic Art Company, America’s oldest and largest private mint. The impressive piece is struck in solid bronze with a hand-finished patina, and measures 4x4 inches in size.

Amanulla Haiderzad is a noted sculptor in the classical tradition. His initial formal training was at The Academy of Fine Arts, Rome, from 1960 to 1964. In exile from his native Afghanistan for the last 20 years, Mr. Haiderzad has been featured in famous galleries throughout Europe and the United States, such as The Galleria Lerici, Italy, and the British Museum. He is the recipient of many professional awards, and a noted sculptor of The Society of Medalists.

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