Outstanding Volunteer Medal with Neck Ribbon

Item Number: 79785
Product Type:  Medallion on Ribbon
Size: 2 inch (50mm) Round
Material: MerlinGold® Proof-like
Price: $15.00
This product is proudly minted in the United States of America

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Outstanding Volunteer Medal with Neck Ribbon

A brilliant proof-like round medallion suspended from a broad red-white-and-blue neckband—2 full inches of exquisite medallion minted in bronze, polished to enhance any special message engraved between the laurel branches on the reverse.

This special Outstanding Volunteer medallion was created to be worthy of the outstanding person to receive this award. Volunteers are not just stamped out of a common mold. Nor are they developed somewhere just because someone wants one. Volunteers are that special breed of person with the courage, happy spirit, and initiative to seize the moment, step up to the challenge, generate the enthusiasm that energizes others, persevere until the job is done.  Volunteers get hospitals funded, create automobile museums, or just make sure that all of the neighborhood kids make it to the ball games each week. Often unappreciated, they are the ones that we look back to as the heart and soul of the project.

Make the awarding of this Outstanding Volunteer Medal a memorable moment for your organization, civic group, or organizer for your Family Reunion.  You know who is your Outstanding Volunteer. Show your appreciation with this outstanding medallion.

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