Bride's Lucky Wedding Sixpence

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Size: 3/4 inch (19mm) Round
Material: Cupronickel
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Bride’s Lucky Wedding Sixpence

It’s not the perfect wedding unless your beautiful bride has a lucky sixpence for her shoe. Remember the famous verse:

Something old, something new,
Something borrowed, something blue,
And a lucky sixpence for her shoe.

Every woman dreams of her perfect wedding day – the perfect dress, the perfect ring, the perfect husband and a future full of lovely possibilities. A bride embraces tradition on her wedding day to make it ideal. So start with something old (to symbolize the tradition and loved ones of the past), something new (to symbolize optimism for the new husband and wife), something borrowed (from a happily married friend, ensuring that good fortune will pass to the new bride and representing that friends and family can be called upon by the new bride), and something blue (to symbolize love and fidelity). But make sure that the bride you love walks down the aisle with her lucky sixpence in her left shoe – ensuring health and wealth in the marriage to come.

Sixpence coins such as these were first minted in England in 1816, and have been minted from three different metal compositions, sterling silver, 50% silver, and a copper-nickel alloy.

While minted in different metal combinations throughout the years, the luck a sixpence bestows upon the bride never changes.

After the ceremony, the bride can tuck her sixpence into its special velour bag and carry it, along with the luck it brings, with her wherever she goes as a married woman.

A bride deserves the fullness of good tidings for her wedding day and her life as a wife that follows. Complete the rhyme and fulfill the tradition. Make sure she walks down the aisle with a sixpence in her shoe.

Note: The year shipped may vary from that pictured.

Small Pouch

Small Pouch
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Upgrade to Silver ($8.00 additional)
.500 silver sixpence 

Select the silver option and receive sixpence minted between 1920 and 1946 with 50% silver. These coins will feature either King George V or King George VI.

The fifty percent silver sixpence under King George V were minted in the years 1920-1936. The coins minted before 1928 featured a lion standing on the crown, showing Britain's role as a world power. Later coins have the oak leaf and acorn design, symbols of strength and stability. Sixpence coins issued under George VI from 1937-1946 are also 50% silver.

Price: $15.00