Alaskan Mining Prospecting Coin
Gold-Enhanced Silver Round with Gold Nugget

Item Number: 64002
Product Type:  Coin
Size: 1.525 inch (38.735mm) Round
Material: 1 oz .999 Silver Proof with Gold Select
Price: $84.95
This product is proudly minted in the United States of America

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Alaskan Mining Prospecting Coin - Gold-Enhanced Silver Round with Gold Nugget

Emboldened by the growing price of gold, seven men have spent Alaska’s brief summers seeking the world’s most desired metal in a place of enormous challenge and rugged circumstance. For fans of GOLD RUSH™, obtaining a little gold is easier. This coin – minted from solid .999-fine silver, enhanced with 24kt gold, and featuring a real Alaskan placer gold nugget affixed to its obverse – captures the gold mining experience that has been a part of America almost since its birth.

On the obverse of this coin is a montage featuring the tools that have been part of the gold trade for years – pick and shovel, pan, header frame, front end loader, mine cart, and pneumatic drill. The latter was known as the “widow maker,” for the miners who operated it had a life expectancy of just three or four years – a small price to pay in pursuit of the most desired substance on earth. Affixed to the pan is a real gold nugget, just as one might be found in the wild. The reverse features the logo of the Discovery Channel™ show, GOLD RUSH™, the inspiration for this coin and the compelling story of men who have mortgaged everything to bring wealth home to families living on the edge.

The 1.525 inch in diameter coin is sealed inside a Lucite capsule and is stored inside its own leather “poke” like the ones used by frontier gold miners to store their cache of gold.

Real silver and real gold from Alaska – the perfect way to capture the spirit and drive of the men of GOLD RUSH.

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