Alaskan Mining Prospecting Key Fob
MerlinGold with Gold Nugget

Item Number: 64010
Product Type:  Key Fob
Shape: Key Fob
Material: MerlinGold® Antique
Price: $19.95
This product is proudly minted in the United States of America

Alaskan Mining Prospecting Key Fob - MerlinGold with Gold Nugget

Featuring a real Alaskan gold nugget and the tools of the gold mining trade on the obverse and the name of the show that has popularized gold mining again on its reverse, the GOLD RUSH™ key fob is as authentic as the men who have battled the Alaskan wilds in their hunt for the world’s most desired substance. The minted GOLD RUSH fob is attached to leather with a metal key ring.

Whether you’re buying this key fob as a gift for a fan of the GOLD RUSH show – or buying it for yourself – you are capturing the essence of America and its frontier to carry daily.

You may not be prepared to sell everything you own for one desperate chance at a fortune torn from an unforgiving landscape. But you’ll always be able to share in the adventure, even when you open your front door or turn your ignition.

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