Alaskan Mining Placer Gold Nuggets
2 Pennyweights

Item Number: 64004
Product Type:  Nugget
Shape: Irregular
Material: Placer Gold
Price: $234.95
This product is proudly minted in the United States of America

Alaskan Mining Placer Gold Nuggets - 2 Pennyweights

Here's a bigger chunk of genuine Alaskan placer gold – just exactly what the GOLD RUSH™ crew has risked it all to find in some of Alaska’s wildest and most rugged territory. Sealed in a glass vial for protection and display, any fan of GOLD RUSH will want to have these 2 pennyweights or 1/10th ounce of gold as a symbol of solidarity with the men seeking to strike it rich – and, not coincidentally, a unique way to own gold for yourself.

Packaged in the same type of leather “poke” in which frontier miners carried their stash more than a century ago, the gold nuggets within have been carefully selected for similarity of size and can be removed as you like.

Fans of the GOLD RUSH show will be able to show the thing that their heroes have struggled mightily to obtain -- real gold, as found in nature and rarely seen in modern America.

A pennyweight is the traditional measure for this sort of gold -- a standard dating to the Middle Ages, when one British pence weighed 1/20th of an ounce (or 1/240th of a pound sterling), and was commonly abbreviated “dwt.” The “d” derives from the Roman “denarius,” a form of money predating the British monetary system.

The men of GOLD RUSH have spent hundreds of thousands in their search for Alaskan gold. You can have yours easily for much less.

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