2012 Infantry Soldier Proof Silver Dollar

Item Number: 76132
Product Type:  Coin
Size: 1 1/2 inch (38.1mm) Round
Material: 1 oz .900 Silver Proof
(0.9 oz of Silver)

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2012 Infantry Soldier Proof Silver Dollar

At the forefront of most battlefields, regiments of the US Army’s Infantry division shoulder the most casualties and injuries of any branch.  In recognition of their heroic deeds and sacrifices, the US Mint has created the 2012 Infantry Soldier Proof Silver Dollar in accordance with the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center Commemorative Coin Act of 2008.

Proof-struck coins, commonly referred to as specimen minted, are the most highly revered of all collectible coins. A rigorous minting process sets proof-struck coins apart from non-proof bullion, including special dies that strike a highly polished coin blank several times, resulting in a highly reflective, mirror-like finish. Coin aficionados devoutly pursue this elite class of coin because of its limited mintage, exceptional numismatic value and unmatched beauty. This coin is struck from 90% silver.

The Army Infantry’s motto “Follow Me” is depicted on the obverse of the 2012 Infantry Soldier Proof Silver Dollar by the image of a contemporary soldier, signaling his fellow troops to join him.  The reverse of this coin shows the Infantry’s historic insignia of two crossed muskets, a symbol of Infantry since 1875. The ‘W’ indicates this coin was minted at the West Point facility.

With its reflective finish, this distinctive proof will make a great addition to any numismatic collection and comes complete with an elegant keepsake display box and a certificate of authenticity from the US Mint.