New Jersey Meritorious Service Ribbon

Item Number: 306.0465
Alternative ID: 67456
Product Type:  Service Ribbon
Size: 1 3/8 inch x 3/8 inch (35mm x 10mm) Rectangle
Material: Various
Price: $3.00
This product is proudly minted in the United States of America


New Jersey Meritorious Service Ribbon 

May be awarded to a member of the NJOM, who has distinguished themselves by meritorious achievement or service in support of the NJDMAVA/NJOM.

a. Meritorious achievement must have resulted in an accomplishment that was not life saving, but which was so exceptional and outstanding as to set the individual apart from his/her peers or from another person in similar circumstances.

b. Meritorious service shall be in the performance of a special requirement or of an extremely difficult duty performed in a clearly exceptional manner.


Ribbon Mount

Ribbon Mount
Price: $1.00