2005 Westward Journey Nickel Series Coin and Medal Set

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coin packaging2005 Westward Journey Nickel Series Coin and Medal Set 

Paying homage to the Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark expedition that heroically explored the unknown lands of the west, the 2005 Westward Journey Nickel Series Coin and Medal Set was commissioned by Congress. The Louisiana Purchase represented not just a shrewd investment by Thomas Jefferson but also an unprecedented expansion of a fledgling nation through economic means as opposed to warfare. 

Included in this set are two proof 2005-dated nickels, one reverse of the American Bison and one of the Ocean in View, a proof 2005-dated Golden Dollar, and a silver-plated bronze replica of the Jefferson Peace Medal, the same as was originally given to American Indian leaders by the Lewis & Clark expedition.

Minted in 2005 by the US Mint, these coins are in proof-like condition and include the original US Mint packaging with certificate of authenticity. These proof quality coins meets the highest standards in the industry for craftsmanship and were carefully produced to represent the best possible version of the original models. Purchase the 2005 Westward Journey Nickel Series Coin