1992 Columbus Quincentenary Proof Clad Half Dollar

Item Number: 71004
Product Type:  Coin
Size: 1 1/4 inch (30.61mm) Round
Material: Nickel Clad Proof
Price: $9.99

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coin packaging1992 Columbus Quincentenary Proof Clad Half Dollar

In 1992, 500 years after Columbus “Sailed the Ocean Blue,” Congress issued the 1992 Columbus Quincentenary Proof Clad Half Dollar to commemorate his monumental achievement. Without Columbus’s vision and determination, the North American continent and the United States of America would not have achieved the level of prosperity and success they enjoy today. 

The 1992 Columbus Quincentenary Proof Clad Half Dollar, minted in copper-nickel, was designed by T. James Farrell. The obverse depicts Columbus striding triumphantly onto the New World at his first landing. The reverse depicts Columbus’s three ships sailing toward their unintended destination. 

Minted in 1992 by the US Mint, this coin includes the original US Mint packaging with certificates of authenticity. Proof quality coins meet the highest standards in the industry for craftsmanship. Proof coins are carefully produced to represent the best possible version of the original models. The 1992 Columbus Quincentenary Proof Clad Half Dollar is an undeniably worthwhile addition to your collection.