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United States and POW-MIA Crossed Flags Lapel Pin

Item Number: 61874
Product Type:  Lapel Pin
Size: 1 1/8 inch x 5/8 inch (27mm x 17mm) Irregular
Material: Gold Overlay with Enamel
Price: $8.95


United States and POW-MIA Crossed Flags Lapel Pin

This special crossed flag pin honors all US military personnel who have been taken as a prisoner of war or listed as missing in action and reminds us of our commitment to discovering and resolving the fates of those brave men and women.

Officially recognized in 1990 by Congress, the POW/MIA flag is constant symbol of our country’s unwavering promise to every branch of the armed services that no matter what, your sacrifice for the freedom of all Americans will never be forgotten. 

This stone polished cloisonné enamel lapel pin, with Shiny Gold Plate, serves as a special tribute to the service and dedication of the men and women who have been imprisoned by the enemy or have gone missing in battle. Each pin features the official POW/MIA flag crossed with the flag of the United States of America and is the ideal gift or custom reminder for anyone that wants to honor these brave men and women.


Lapel Pin Leatherette

Lapel Pin Leatherette
Price: $5.25