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US - Desert Storm Crossed Flags Lapel Pin

Officially Licensed Product of the
U.S. Army
Item Number: 61876
Product Type:  Lapel Pin
Size: 1 1/8 inch x 5/8 inch (27mm x 17mm) Irregular
Material: Gold Overlay with Enamel
Price: $8.95


US - Desert Storm Crossed Flags Lapel Pin

This unique crossed flag pin salutes the proud members of the US armed forces who served the cause of freedom by fighting against the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. Thanks to their patriotic service millions of Kuwaitis are free to live their lives free from the tyranny of Iraqi dictatorship.

The 41 day engagement was a model of operational excellence and efficiency, culminating in a mere 100 hour ground campaign that broke the Iraqi forces and won the day. Now veterans of this historic conflict can carry this meticulously crafted medallion as a firm reminder of your proud service to your country and the millions of people you saved.  

This stone polished cloisonné enamel lapel pin, with Shiny Gold Plate, serves as a special tribute to the service and dedication of the brave men and women who have proudly served in Operation Desert Storm. Each pin features a flag with colors of the Southwest Asia Service Ribbon crossed with the flag of the United States of America and is the ideal gift or custom reminder for anyone that wants to honor these brave men and women.


Official Licensed Product of the U.S. Army. By federal law, licensing fees paid to the U.S. Army for use of its trademarks provide support to the Army Trademark Licensing Program, and net licensing revenue is devoted to U.S. Army Morale, Welfare, and Recreation programs.

Lapel Pin Leatherette

Lapel Pin Leatherette
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