U.S. Army Ordnance Corps Regimental Distinctive Insignia

Item Number: 604.0059
Alternative ID: 67751
Product Type:  Insignia
Size: 1 inch x 1 1/8 inch (24mm x 30mm) Irregular
Material: Bronze with Enamel
This product is proudly minted in the United States of America

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U.S. Army Ordnance Corps Regimental Insignia

Approved on 25 March 1986 for use by soldiers affiliated with the Ordnance Corps, the Ordnance Corps Regimental insignia are worn over the right breast pocket on the Class A uniform signifying each soldier’s unique branch of service.

The Ordnance Corps Regimental insignia displays two crossed cannons, which represent the Ordnance Corps' early connection to Artillery. The flaming bomb on top is also known as the shell and flame and it symbolizes both traditional armament and the power of today’s projectiles. A cannoneer's belt encircles the insignia, complete with the words "ORDNANCE CORPS U.S.A." representing a relationship between munitions and armament. The white background symbolizes the Ordnance Corps' motto, "ARMAMENT FOR PEACE."

If the Army shoots it, drives it, loads it, communicates with it, or it explodes, then Ordnance arms it, recovers it, repairs it, welds it, and renders it safe. Sustaining the weapons and munitions for making war, the US Army Ordnance Corps provides powerful support for America’s troops across the globe. Whether they are disposing of a mine field blocking the key route into a forward position or maintaining the latest electronic firing system, the Ordnance Corps play a crucial role in today’s armed forces.


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