U.S. Army Medical Department Regimental Distinctive Insignia

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Product Type:  Insignia
Size: 1 inch x 1 inch (25mm x 25mm) Shield
Material: Nickel with Enamel
This product is proudly minted in the United States of America

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U.S. Army Medical Department Regimental Insignia


The Medical Corps Regimental insignia was approved on 17 April 1986 for use by soldiers affiliated with the Medical Corps. All Corps Regimental insignias are worn over the right breast pocket on the Class A uniform signifying each service member’s unique branch of service. 

The Medical Corps Regimental insignia displays a shield based on the first symbol used in 1818 by the Army Medical Department. The white stars on a blue background and the red and white stripes represent the United States flag of 1818, while the green staff intertwined with the serpent originates from mythology and is symbolic of medicine and healing. Green is also the color associated with the Corps during the last half of the nineteenth century. The motto "TO CONSERVE FIGHTING STRENGTH" reflects the regiment’s critical medical mission.

Keeping our soldiers healthy and ready for the next fight, the US Army Medical Department Corps provides vital care for America’s fighting force across the globe. Whether they are treating the wounded in the field or teaching soldiers back home about preventative care, the men and women of the Medical Department Corps play a serious role in America’s constant vigilance.

The Army Medical Department traces its origins back to July 27, 1775, when the Continental Congress established the first Army hospital, overseen by the "Director General and Chief Physician". Later, Congress only provided for an Army medical organization during times of war or emergency until 1818, at which point it created a permanent medical department.


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