U.S. Army Civilian Affairs Corps Regimental Distinctive Insignia

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Product Type:  Insignia
Size: 7/8 inch x 1 1/8 inch (23mm x 29mm) Irregular
Material: Nickel with Enamel
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This product is proudly minted in the United States of America

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U.S. Army Civilian Affairs Corps Regimental Insignia

The Civilian Affairs Corps Regimental insignia was approved on 14 April 1989 for use by soldiers affiliated with the Civilian Affairs Corps. All Corps Regimental insignias are worn over the right breast pocket on the Class A uniform signifying each service member’s unique branch of service. 

The Civilian Affairs Corps Regimental insignia displays the colors purple and white which are traditionally associated with Civil Affairs, while gold is denotes honor and achievement. The scroll, sword and torch, adapted from the Civil Affairs branch insignia, represent the civil and military aspects of the organization. The torch also refers to the Statue of Liberty, a symbol associated with the spirit of democracy of the United States. The border emphasizes unity and continuity, a key idea throughout the whole regimental concept. The scales represent balance and normality and the gauntlet denotes the military's role in establishing, administering and protecting the equilibrium. The globe signifies the extensive scope of the mission of the Civil Affairs Regiment. 

Providing a powerful link between civilian and military authorities, the US Army Civilian Affairs Corps is a critical component of America’s strategy across the globe. Whether they are restoring the government and service to a war torn area or distributing truthful information to disrupt enemy propaganda, the men and women of the Civilian Affairs Corps play an unmatched part in America’s fight against terror.

In addition to their military training, the Civil Affairs Corps soldiers have skills and experience from their civilian education and employment in fields such as finance, public safety, public health, and public utilities.  With their distinctive skills they provide support during combat operations by minimizing burdens or liabilities caused by a local civilian population.  Immediately following hostilities Civil Affairs rebuilds civil authority, and in the longer term helps to reconstruct the civilian infrastructure and economy.

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