"Obombie" Obama Zombie Coin — In Government We Trust — Silver

Item Number: 79800
Product Type:  Coin
Size: 1 1/2 inch (39mm) Round
Material: 1 oz .999 Silver
Price: $35.00
This product is proudly minted in the United States of America

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Obombie — In Government We Trust — Silver

CertEscape the coming financial catastrophe with a .999-pure silver reminder of freedom, of free markets, and also of the evil that is pushing us to the brink of destruction. This investment-grade coin represents everything that Obama lovers hate and everything free-thinking American patriots love.

Years from now, great historians will look back and note that Obama’s second term was where the tides of history caught up with the United States of America. The calm before the storm they will say, before the tidal wave of massive debt and pain of utter useless economic policies came crashing down on our heads, making the land unfit for honest, decent Americans. The Obamapocalypse is coming and you must prepare for the worst.

How could we allow this? Blame the Obombies. Obombies lumber mindlessly along just like zombies, hobbling and shambling, mindlessly seeking government handouts and entitlements, deriving satisfaction with their leader’s every utterance, marching the nation inexorably to a subsistence economy. They are abominations – call them the ObamaNation – and they must be stopped.

But how? The only sure way to fight back the Obombie hordes is common economic sense. Owning pure silver is a good first step. To an Obombie, silver is like garlic to a vampire. It repels them back into the shadows. An Obombie is powerless in the face of reason and true free-market principles.

Therefore, go forth with your Obombie In Gov’t We Trust Silver Round. Carry one with you to ward off attempts by Obombies to eat your free-thinking brain.

The Obombie In Gov’t We Trust Silver Round is minted from .999-pure silver and features a zombified image of Barack Obama on the obverse, along with the phrase, “Death To Liberty.” The reverse includes the definition of the Obombie: “A FAR LEFT LIBERAL DEMOCRAT THAT BLINDLY AND MINDLESSLY FOLLOWS AND DEFENDS BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.”

If you love freedom and America, you will buy an Obombie for every person you know. It will serve as a lasting reminder that actions have consequences and that our way of life -- our freedom -- is always worth the fight against the mindless rot of socialism. If we can put an Obombie In Gov’t We Trust silver round in every true American’s pocket and an American flag pin on every lapel, then we just might get out of this alive.

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Ornament Capsule
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The Meltdown of the Obamapocalypse is already happening before our eyes and we can place the blame squarely on the Obombies. Obombies lumber mindlessly along just like zombies, deriving their sole satisfaction from their leader’s every utterance. Even outright lies such as “If you like it, you can keep it,” have no effect on them. They roam the land anyway, consuming lies and wreaking havoc. They are abominations – call them the ObamaNation – and they must be stopped.