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1 Pair Pure Copper Dice - 1 Oz Ea.

Item Number: B79803
Product Type:  Dice
Size: 0.6 inch (15.24mm) Cube
Material: Copper
Price: $15.00
This product is proudly minted in the United States of America

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Pure Copper Gaming Dice Set

Copper DiceCopper has been connected with luck for millennia – so roll with these pure copper dice and win with both luck and beauty! They ‘re a sure bet to add pure fun to your next dice, tabletop, or board game! They’ll make a terrific gift for the casino or board gamers you know, will look terrific on display on a desk or a gaming shelf – and with the value of copper increasing, we suspect some will even stash a few pair away as a secret investment.

These precision-machined cubes will set well in your hand, too. That’s because we’ve precisely machined them, complete with rounded edges, scooped pips. Packaged by pair in a velour pouch – don’t just throw them in a drawer! – each die is pure copper, weighing 1 ounce, and features an NWTM headstamp indicating us as the maker, as well as the die’s weight and purity. Each set comes packaged in a colorful velour pouch.

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NOTICE: Pure Copper Dice have not been certified for use by any casino or gaming governing body.