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Pair of Solid Brass Balls with Silk Purse

Item Number: 79810
Product Type:  Solid Balls
Size: 3/4 inch (18.542mm) Sphere
Material: Brass Polished
Price: $20.00
This product is proudly minted in the United States of America

This item is backordered and currently in production.
Expected back in stock mid-January


Customize This Design for Your Group or Organization.

Pair of Solid Brass Balls with Silk Purse

These balls are for anyone who needs a pair.

• 2 ounces of brass

What began as a salty naval tradition has evolved into a description of indomitable character. When you have a pair of brass balls, nothing can stop you and everything is possible. These balls are perfect if you need a pair, or know someone who could use the confidence a pair of brass balls will give them.

Solid Brass Balls with Silk PurseSolid Brass Balls with Silk Purse

Your new balls will also come in their very own colorful silk pouch, the kind of high-quality sack that your balls deserve. Each ball is 1 ounce of solid brass, shaped into a perfect sphere, and engraved with the weight and manufacturer, Northwest Territorial Mint. Each ball is individually machined and hand polished. Brass Balls have a firm and substantial heft and they would make an excellent gift or personal memento. They are made in the USA by real American craftsmen who understand exactly what it means to have brass balls.

If you or a friend need a pair, you can’t go wrong with Solid Brass Balls from Northwest Territorial Mint.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Also available in silver and copper.