2014 Coin & Chronicles Set - Franklin D. Roosevelt

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coins and stamps2014 Coin & Chronicles Set – Franklin D. Roosevelt

The 2014 Coin & Chronicles Set – Franklin D. Roosevelt celebrates America’s 32nd President with a rare and exceptionally designed set. It features rare coins, medals, and stamps, displaying these treasures in a gorgeous avocado-colored folder, bound in a supple handsomely textured covering, perfect for any collection or as gift for someone special.

This collector and gift worthy set includes:

  • One proof finish 2014 Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential $1 Coin; 
One proof finish 2014 Roosevelt dime; 
  • One Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Medal struck in .999 fine silver; 

  • One 1 5/16” Franklin D. Roosevelt Bronze Medal; 

Four U.S. postage stamps, each paying tribute to FDR:

  • The 1-cent Roosevelt stamp “Hyde Park” depicts his beloved New York home.

  • The 2-cent Roosevelt stamp “Little White House” pays tribute to the president’s frequent and favorite retreat, located in Warm Springs, Georgia.

  • The 3-cent Roosevelt stamp “White House” features a picturesque image of the White House in the background.
The 5-cent Roosevelt stamp “Four Freedoms” shows a globe inscribed with his famous four freedoms: “Freedom of Speech and Religion, from Want and Fear.”

The 2014 Coin and Chronicles Set – FDR also features a companion booklet detailing images from FDR’s life and presidency.

Minted in 2014 by the US Mint, FDR Presidential Medal, minted in 99.9% silver and containing 1 Troy oz of silver, has a diameter of 1.598 inches (40.60mm) and a weight of 31.1 grams. The obverse, designed by John R. Sinnock, depicts FDR’s portrait with inscriptions FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, and the artist’s initials of J.R.S. The reverse features a seated figure dropping a wreath over the waters, while a ship, symbolizing the spirit of the late President, sails over the distant horizon, and the dates of his four terms along with the date of his death, APRIL 12, 1945, and IN MEMORIAM.

Each piece of this set is in like new condition and includes the original US Mint packaging with certificate of authenticity. Perfect for the coin collector, history buff, or as a special gift, own the 2014 FDR Coin and Chronicles Set today and acquire a piece of history like none other.