Belgian Croix de Guerre Service Ribbon -- 6 inches

Item Number: 301.0038-6R
Alternative ID: 68250
Product Type:  Service Ribbon
Size: 1 3/8 inch x 6 inch (35mm x 152mm) Rectangle
Material: Various
This product is proudly minted in the United States of America

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Belgian Croix de Guerre Service Ribbon -- 6 inches

The Belgian Croix de Guerre was established in 1915 to recognize acts of heroism performed by individuals or by units and was awarded for the period 1914-1918. The medal was again authorized with changes in 1941 for WWII.

During WWII, it was awarded to U.S. Army units and to individuals. The Croix de Guerre may be awarded at different levels of command. The level of the awarding command determines the appurtenance worn on the ribbon. A bronze palm indicates awarded by the Army; a bronze lion awarded by a regiment; and a gold lion by the land forces.