2015 U.S. Mint America the Beautiful Bombay Hook 3-Coin Set

Item Number: 72860
Product Type:  Coin
Size: 1 inch (24.26mm) Round
Material: Nickel Clad
Price: $9.99

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2015 U.S. Mint America the Beautiful Bombay Hook 3-Coin Set

2015 U.S. Mint America the Beautiful Bombay Hook 3-Coin Set

The twenty-ninth coin in the U.S. Mint’s popular America the Beautiful Quarters series, this 2015 America the Beautiful Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge uncirculated quarter 3-coin set depicts the land Native Americans called “Canaresse” (for “at the thickets”) and by the Dutch as “Bompies Hoeck” (“little tree point”).

The set contains two uncirculated Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge quarters - one each from the Philadelphia U.S. Mint and the Denver U.S. Mint, as well as one proof-quality coin from the San Francisco U.S. Mint. Proof-struck coins, commonly referred to as specimen-minted, are the most highly revered of all collectible coins. Coin aficionados devoutly pursue this elite class of coin because of its exceptional numismatic value and unmatched beauty.

In all, there will be up to 56 specially designed numismatic offerings between 2010 and 2021.
Established as a national site in 1937, Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge serves to shelter and provide a breeding ground for migratory and wintering waterfowl. Protecting wildlife of all kinds, the refuge’s marsh grasses, fish, and more provide sustenance for geese, migrating ducks, shorebirds, and neo-tropical songbirds on their journey between Canada and the Gulf of Mexico. The birds can rest in Bombay Hook’s 16,000 acres of freshwater pools and swamps, and its unaltered tidal salt marsh. The refuge also contains the Allee House, a pre-Revolutionary War farmhouse on the National Register of Historic Places. Depicting a great blue heron and a great egret, the image was designed by Joel Iskowitz and sculpted by Phebe Hemphill.

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