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Grab and Go Bullion Bugout Tube

Item Number: 24503
Product Type:  Bullion Bugout Tubes
Size: 16 1/2 inch x 4 7/8 inch (419.1mm x 123.825mm) Cylindrical
Material: Plastic
Price: $33.00

Are you building a financial bugout stockpile? Are you looking for options in addition to safes and bank safe-deposit boxes to scatter your bullion cache? Our Grab and Go Bullion Bugout Tube offers you a secure, safe, and strategic method to safeguard your investment below ground.

Burying has long been a favorite and proven strategy to hide valuables. After all, people are still scouring the world for buried treasures. So, burying bullion isn’t just for “preppers,” it’s for smart investors, too.

Overall length 16-1/2"
Inside length/depth 14-1/4"
Overall diameter 4-7/8"
Inside diameter 3-3/4"
Weight 1.58 lbs

And yes, safes are great, but do you want to keep all your bullion “eggs” in one “basket”? Not a smart idea. If your safe falls victim to thieves, but you buried a separate repository, then you’ve still got your rounds underground. Bank safe-deposit boxes are not always advantageous, either. If the “SHTF,” you’ll likely not be able to make it to the bank – even if the bank is open. But all you need to retrieve your buried trove in your Bullion Bugout Tube is a shovel.

Made from durable PVC piping, our small-size 16-1/2" x 4-7/8" tube comes with a screw-top lid for a secure fit – all to protect your precious metals from the world above and from the elements below until you need to go.

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