Warning / Ticket Coin

Item Number: 63005
Product Type:  Coin
Size: 1 3/4 inch (44mm) Round
Material: Bronze Antique with Enamel
Price: $12.00
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This product is proudly minted in the United States of America

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Warning / Ticket Coin

 Warning - Ticket

Every officer faces the eternal question: to ticket or not to ticket. This warning-versus-ticket coin puts your dilemma to rest and calls fate into action.

Packaging Enforcers of the law never hesitate to hand down judgement where it is undoubtedly due. Yet, every cop feels the stirring to show mercy when a twinkling eye or credible excuse waves in clemency – a warning will suffice. But when gray moments of copious and compelling variables muddy the situation, you need an objective, on-call back-up. With a simple flip, this portable judge will exact his verdict while you’re still ruminating.

This invaluable mediator is minted in the U.S. in antique bronze, and highlighted by bold hand-applied enamel. The obverse, in a backdrop of brilliant yellow, declares you grant kindness with a warning. The reverse, in stop-light red, proclaims someone’s going home with a ticket.

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